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What Is an HVAC System?

Advantages, Upkeep, Maintenance, and More

Your HVAC system plays a valuable role in keeping your home fresh and comfortable all seasons of the year. If you’ve lived in Florida for any amount of time, you understand how oppressive the heat and humidity can become.

The term HVAC is the acronym for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.” While heating and cooling systems are both referred to as HVAC in general terms. Some types of HVAC systems don’t have integrated air conditioning capabilities built-in by default.

It’s essential to keep in mind that HVAC systems come in a wide range of sizes and types, so picking the best model for your needs helps give you greater control over the temperatures in your home and your energy bill.

In Florida, the most popular type of heating and cooling system is a whole house system. Complete house systems use only one unit to control the temperature of the entire home. Systems for entire homes provide less granular temperature control based on rooms, so they are ideal for people who prefer a more uniform temperature in all areas of their house.

Whole-house systems combine both heating and cooling capabilities, making them a flexible solution for keeping your Florida home comfortable in both hot or cold weather. Single or multistage variable speed configurations provide homeowners with the ability to keep temperatures consistent. Multistage variable speed systems use the lowest heating and cooling levels to handle extreme heat or cold.

The Advantages Of Whole House AC

If energy efficiency is an immediate concern, a whole house system helps to maintain a consistent temperature without your HVAC system kicking on and off throughout the day.

Tips To Keep Your System Running Efficiently

A faulty or malfunctioning HVAC system in your home can result in lower energy efficiency and reduced performance. When the thermometer starts rising, the last thing you want to deal with is an HVAC system blowing warm or hot air.

If buying a new home in Florida, or inspecting your current HVAC system, check these items to ensure everything is in order.

HVAC Piping – High-efficiency furnaces feature two to three-inch PVC piping for venting and intakes. HVAC systems that utilize wide piping are typically more efficient than systems with smaller piping.

Check The Service History – Older or unserviced HVAC units, are less likely to be as energy-efficient than their newer, modern, and adequately maintained counterparts. Typically, stickers placed on the unit tell the tale of the age and service history. While a record of regular maintenance isn’t a guarantee that an HVAC unit will perform for the next ten years, it indicates reasonable steps to care for the unit got taken.

Examine Ductwork – Dirty ductwork contributes to lower air quality in your home. One way to gauge the cleanliness of the ducts in your home is by removing a floor register. Using a damp white paper towel, wipe the inside to see how much dirt and debris gets lifted from the surface. If the paper towel has excessive amounts of soil, consider getting a professional duct cleaning to remove some of these contaminants from your environment.

Look For The Energy Star Label – Today’s modern HVAC systems are significantly more energy-efficient than models from just ten years ago. Respected HVAC brands include Comfortmaker, Ruud, Carrier, and American Standard. Working with Action Cooling and Heating helps to ensure that all aspects of your new unit installation go smoothly.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Much like your vehicle, completing scheduled maintenance can prolong the useable lifespan of the HVAC equipment. Fans, coils, and other exposed parts can collect dirt and debris, which degrades the power and capacity of the system. If left dirty for extended periods, it causes additional stress on the unit that can result in system failure.

By completing regular maintenance, which may be partially covered by your manufacturers’ warranty, homeowners can expect their HVAC system to serve them well for twelve to fifteen years.

Routine maintenance tasks that should get performed to maximize the lifespan of your HVAC unit include:

Change HVAC Filters – Swapping out your air filters is a relatively simple task that you can do yourself. However, if you need assistance in Polk or Highland Counties in Central Florida, the experts at Action Cooling and Heating are happy to help.

Clean The Area Around Your Unit – If you notice a buildup of dirt, leaves, or other debris, clear them from underneath or surrounding areas.

If you need more information on an HVAC system for your home in Central Florida? Reach out to the HVAC experts at Action Cooling and Heating today!

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