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Want Your Cooling System To Operate Efficiently? Buy The Right Thermostats

If you have a cooling or heating system at home, a thermostat is undoubtedly a familiar term to you. It is often associated with your home’s temperature, but when it fails, comfort seems to be elusive. Whether you gain or lose heat inside your home, your body will feel the difference. Being the core component of your heating or cooling system, you need to buy the right thermostat for your home to maintain a comfortable temperature. Here is what you need to know about thermostats:

Electronic and Electromechanical Thermostats

Thermostats operate differently depending on the type of equipment they control. The two leading technologies that control your air conditioners are electronic and electromechanical thermostats. While both of them work with electric, gas, oil, and hydronic heating systems, the electronic thermostats have more control than the electromechanical model because it can respond faster when the temperature changes.

You can also set your room temperature if you have a programmable electronic model. During summer when temperatures can be high, you can set the thermostat to a comfortable setting to get a good night’s sleep. A programmable thermostat eliminates wasted energy by letting you to save 3% of energy costs within the 24-hour period. You can also increase your savings if you reduce your daytime usage.

Paying Attention To The Functionality Of Your Thermostat

When buying a thermostat, the first thing you need to consider is the type of equipment it is going to control. Some thermostats are intended for controlling a furnace, while others control the air conditioner or heat pump. So what if you need to cater to the multiple stages of your cooling and heating system? The thermostat you should purchase must address these complexities.

You may also want to check if the thermostat has an adjustable setting. If you can reconfigure the setting, the thermostat will be able to match your equipment. The adjustment is vital to some heating system which take time to heat up. You can also invest in a sophisticated heat-pump that can automatically calculate the temperature depending on the needs of your home.

Key Features Of A Thermostat

Aside from paying attention to the functionality of thermostats, the features are also an essential factor to consider. Regarding features, you need to choose a particular type of thermostat for multiple-stage cooling or heating system. Otherwise, selecting the best thermostat will depend on your personal preference. A conventional electromechanical model is most preferred by those who want simplicity. However, if you want more control and savings, the electronic type is the best option.

There are also smart thermostats you can buy, which are equipped with touchscreen displays and simple controls. These thermostats make programming less daunting, and you can also connect them via a wireless connection so you can change your home’s temperature using an app installed on your smartphone.

Smart vs. Programmable Thermostats

The choice of whether to purchase a smart or programmable thermostat will be solely up to you. A programmable model is cost-effective because you can set different temperature any time. However, the lack of remote control and voice control makes this option inconvenient, especially to people who do not have much time on their hands.

A smart thermostat is convenient and energy-efficient. It also offers finer control of your HVAC, which makes it easier for you to reduce carbon footprint. However, this model is more expensive than the programmable version, and not every smart thermostat is compatible with your existing system.

Do not buy a thermostat unless you have done proper research. Knowing the features and functionality of a thermostat will ensure that you will have a comfortable living space.

Your thermostats and other components of your cooling and heating system require regular maintenance. Get in touch with us so we can assist you in keeping your HVAC in great condition.

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