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The Best Thermostat Setting: Should I Use My Thermostat’s “On” or “Auto” Setting?

The Best Thermostat Setting

If you reside in Florida you most likely have a thermostat as part of your home cooling system, and you know how much of a difference it makes in terms of the livability of a space. However, one of the more common points of misunderstanding about thermostats is the right setting to choose.

Most thermostats come with an “on,” “off” and “auto” setting. “Off” and “on” are relatively simple to understand. When a thermostat is switched to “on,” it usually means that it will be running constantly, consuming more energy and eating away at your electricity bill. This is why some specialists often recommend the use of the “auto” setting. It allows the cooling system to turn on or off depending on the desired indoor temperature.

While this may seem ideal, there are several reasons why it is not necessarily the best decision for the long term. Firstly, home cooling systems are often fragile and contain many large, moving parts. As the frequency that it stops and starts increases, so does the likelihood that certain repairs will be needed in the future. These repairs can easily become costly, outweighing the benefits of cost-efficiency that the “auto” function presents in the first place.

Luckily, there exists another alternative that can offer a perfect compromise between putting a strain on your energy bills and on your cooling system. A variable-speed air handler is an additional functionality that takes into account the problems posed by standard HVAC systems.

Instead of turning the fans on and off, it adjusts the speed for a smooth, optimal temperature throughout the home. While many architects are starting to make use of this technique, it can require professional installation. Before making a decision, it is important to get familiar with the benefits of variable-speed air handling.

If air quality is a concern for you and your family, variable-speed air handlers can be a great option. The constant circulation of air limits the possibility of stagnation while the system is off.

If you have ever lived in Central Florida, you know how extreme the heat can get. Temperatures over 90 degrees put young children and elderly people at risk. Aside from general comfort, it is important to use an HVAC system that is optimal for your family’s needs. While the standard options may be feasible for a short time, a variable-speed air handler could provide long-lasting comfort, safety, and freshness for years to come.

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