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Tell-Tale Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Replacement

Air conditioners are a great way to neutralize Florida’s high humidity. Despite the scorching heat, you can still feel comfortable, thanks to the cool air that your air conditioning unit produces. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, not even your air conditioner. Once it starts to fail, you know something needs to be done before you and your family start to melt like ice cubes. It is common for homeowners to be unaware of the signs. More often than not, the unit gets replaced only after it breaks down. Don’t let yourself or your family suffer from poor quality air.  Pay attention to the following signs so you will know when it is time to replace your air conditioner.

1. The AC no longer produces cold air

The obvious one. If you are not getting any cool air, something is wrong with your AC. There might be issues with your compressor, Freon levels or other parts that require immediate attention. Call in a repair professional right away and if you have a warranty, you can make a claim to reduce the expenses. In cases where the repair is extensive, replacing your unit is going to be your best bet.

2. Problems with air flow

You might be getting cool air but your unit is no longer pushing the same quality of air as it used to. There can be a number of reasons for the problem. It is either a is damaged or blocked compressor or other components of your AC need repair. While a repair professional can fix many problems, there are times when the extent of the problem calls for replacement. Purchasing a new unit might be a good idea if the cost for repair is too high.

3. Leakage or moisture around the unit

Condensation is normal, but when there is excessive leakage, there is a bigger problem that needs to be assessed. Constant leakage around your air conditioning unit requires calling in a professional to address the problem immediately. A leaking coolant can pose a serious health risk. Be sure to take care of the problem with excessive water leakage as it can damage furniture or floors when left unattended to. The moisture can also develop mold growth in the long term.

4. Unusual sounds

Your AC should not create any grinding sounds or any other noises like banging, rattling or squealing. Noises reflect a serious problem, like broken motor bearings or a belt slipping out. The repair can be costly if you don’t address the issue immediately. Consider replacing your unit if a repair cannot solve the noise.

5. The thermostat is failing

Not only your main cooling unit can be the cause of an issue; your thermostat can throw you for a loop as well. If you have a broken thermostat, it will prevent the air conditioning unit from cooling the area in your apartment or home. If the issue is in a single zone, you need to have a professional check your thermostat to know where the problem lies. You’re lucky if you only have to replace the thermostat, but if it isn’t cooling the properly, you’ll need to replace the whole unit.