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Signs You Have To Replace A Programmable Thermostat

An efficient programmable thermostat is essential in getting your air conditioner to work as it is a piece of machinery that is responsible for adjusting the temperature of your unit. However, just like other things, your thermostat will not last forever. Even if you have done your best to keep it well-maintained, it will soon show signs it needs to be replaced. Without an efficient thermostat, you will end up with a hot living space. This is an unpleasant scenario, especially during summer months where you need your air conditioner the most. If you do not want to find yourself stuck in a worn thermostat in the middle of the night, heed these warning signs.

Unresponsive Thermostat

If your thermostat starts to respond inconsistently, it only means that there is a power issue that you have to resolve as soon as possible. Start with replacing the batteries to find out if this step will solve the problem. If battery replacement does nothing to resolve the issue, consider replacing your thermostat. Your aircon repair technician can give you some recommendations that will fit your needs.

Temperatures Become Inconsistent

Another warning sign you cannot afford to ignore is your thermostat’s inconsistent temperature because it only means that something is wrong with it. Some rooms may be warmer or cooler than others. It is an indicator of a malfunctioning thermostat. The problem might have to do with the HVAC system itself. Unless you call an AC technician to inspect your unit, you will not be able to know the real source of the problem.

AC Unit Not Turning On Or Off

What happens when you adjust your thermostat? Does it immediately cool the air once your HVAC unit is turned on? If the unit has a wiring problem, it will not receive any signal even if you adjust your thermostat. This is often the reason your unit will not turn on. There are also instances when your unit will not turn off. The thermostat could be the problem if the temperature does not match the temperature you set even when the unit is still running. It means that the thermostat is not registering the changes in temperature settings.

Lost Programmable Settings

Homeowners find pre-programmable settings convenient. However, when these programmable settings are lost, it is a sign that you need to replace your unit right away. Lost settings make your unit problematic. Without replacing it, you and your family will feel uncomfortable when the room is too hot or too cold.

Replacing your thermostat

When it comes to replacing your programmable thermostat, you can always rely on the manual as it contains steps you can follow in case you want to take the DIY route. However, this step does not guarantee that you will be able to perform the steps correctly. Hiring an AC repair technician to do the job is going to be your best bet as they have the skills, experience, and training in replacing your thermostat so your air conditioner will be efficient in cooling your home.