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Your air conditioner makes your home comfortable by providing cold air. However, when your unit is covered in ice, it won’t work efficiently. An air conditioning unit that is freezing over won’t properly cool your home. Worse, leaving the problem unaddressed can cause water damage in your ceilings and walls. You will also have to deal with expensive AC repair.

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Nothing beats sitting in an air-conditioned room during the hottest days of the year when you know you could be sweating through your shirt outside. When an A/C unit isn’t functioning correctly the temperature in the room can rise within a matter of minutes. This is not only uncomfortable for you and your family but can become quite costly to your energy bill. If there are temperature fluctuations coming from your unit then the air conditioner capacitor could be at fault.

Ruling Out Other Defective Parts

Before we can assume that an air conditioner capacitor is at fault for the temperature output inconsistency, we need to understand which symptoms rule it out altogether. The
air conditioning system consists of five mechanical components such as the following.
  • Fan
  • Evaporator Coil (cold air)
  • Condenser Coil (hot air)
  • Compressor
  • Refrigerant
Assuming the air conditioner puts out cold air at a consistent rate, you can most likely say that the mechanical parts are working as intended. Check refrigerant connections for leaks, fans for cracks or damage, coils for correct temperature production and ensure the compressor kicks on when you start it.

Diagnosing a Bad Capacitor

If the other parts are in good working order then you may be able to rule them out. The main function of a capacitor is to send and maintain electrical voltage to the motor. If the air conditioner capacitor is not functioning as intended, it may send weak voltage levels to the motor or fail to start or stay running after it has started. This is why an A/C system may only kick out cold air at the beginning of a power cycle and why minutes later you could notice the room heating up once again, even if it’s still running. If the fans are spinning while the A/C is humming, this is another major sign of a bad capacitor.

What Causes a Capacitor to Become Faulty?

All capacitors go bad eventually from normal everyday use, but there are a few different major reasons a capacitor could wear out quickly. If any of these reasons apply
to your situation, it could help you make an informed diagnosis of a faulty air conditioner capacitor.

Age- Most capacitors have a 20-year life expectancy but can go out sooner than expected if the capacitor is not large enough to power the system, the wrong type of capacitor is installed or the unit power cycles rapidly.

Voltage Rating- If a capacitor’s voltage rating is lower than what is intended for the A/C unit it will have to run more often, thus making the capacitor die sooner. That’s why it’s crucial to put the correct voltage air conditioner capacitor inside the unit if replacing it.
Heat Damage- Since heat buildup can cause serious damage within a capacitor, you can’t let it become overexposed to heat. Some ways to prevent this from occurring include keeping it within the shade and cleaning it regularly.
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As the temperature rises during the summer months, you need a reliable air conditioning system to keep your home cool. An air conditioning system that is low on refrigerant is a common issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Since your air conditioning units do not consume the refrigerant, the only reason you need more refrigerant is when it starts to leak.

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The most common advice you’ll hear from experts when buying an air conditioner is to buy a high-quality unit so it will last longer. There’s no doubt that this advice rings true because air conditioners only get better as years go by so long as it undergoes regular maintenance. However, you can’t deny there will come a time when your air conditioning system will show signs of inefficiency. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a good unit, but because you’ve owned it for more than a decade, it’s normal for the system to fail. Read more “How Long Should Your Air Conditioner Last?”

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When your heating system suddenly stops working, you’re left with two choices: repair or replace. The costs associated with repairing your heating system depends on the issue of your system. If it is a minor issue, you might consider repair as a practical option. In cases when the heating system is beyond repair, replacing it might be the best thing to do. So how would you know you are making the right decision? You need to look at the complete picture.
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Air conditioners are a great way to neutralize Florida’s high humidity. Despite the scorching heat, you can still feel comfortable, thanks to the cool air that your air conditioning unit produces. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, not even your air conditioner. Once it starts to fail, you know something needs to be done before you and your family start to melt like ice cubes. It is common for homeowners to be unaware of the signs. More often than not, the unit gets replaced only after it breaks down. Don’t let yourself or your family suffer from poor quality air.  Pay attention to the following signs so you will know when it is time to replace your air conditioner. Read more “Tell-Tale Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Replacement”

The Impact Of Poor Air Quality And What You Can Do About It
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The quality of the air you inhale at home is a significant contributor to your overall health. Your body needs fresh oxygen so it can function normally, but when you have poor air quality, expect your body to become an allergy magnet. Your living environment should be a safer place for you and your family. How can this be possible without keeping your indoor air quality in check? You may not notice it, but failing to maintain a clean living environment will eventually take a toll on your health.
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5 Air Conditioner Parts That Need TLC
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5 Air Conditioner Parts That Need TLC

When you’re living in a place that needs a constant flow of cool air because of the sweltering heat, ensuring that your air conditioning unit is in working condition is a must. These days, an air conditioner is no longer a want but a need. When it breaks down during summer months, you and your family members have to endure the weather.

Regular maintenance shouldn’t take a backseat because it keeps your unit in great condition. It also prevents untimely replacement, which is common in unmaintained units. Here are the essential parts of your air conditioner that need regular attention: Read more “5 Air Conditioner Parts That Need TLC”

Want Your Cooling System To Operate Efficiently Buy The Right Thermostats
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If you have a cooling or heating system at home, a thermostat is undoubtedly a familiar term to you. It is often associated with your home’s temperature, but when it fails, comfort seems to be elusive. Whether you gain or lose heat inside your home, your body will feel the difference. Being the core component of your heating or cooling system, you need to buy the right thermostat for your home to maintain a comfortable temperature. Here is what you need to know about thermostats: Read more “Want Your Cooling System To Operate Efficiently? Buy The Right Thermostats”

High Energy Bills? It Could Be Your Leaking Ductwork
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A cooling system is essential to beat the hot weather of Central Florida. However, you can be leaking money when your air conditioning unit is not working as it should. There can be many reasons your A/C unit is inefficient – one of which is due to leaky ductwork. Although this problem can lead to more significant issues with your unit, many homeowners are surprisingly unaware that there is a problem with their ductwork. The leaking might be due to the condensation on your ducts, a common problem in the South, where humidity levels are usually high. Read more “High Energy Bills? It Could Be Your Leaking Ductwork”