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How Long Should Your Air Conditioner Last?

The most common advice you’ll hear from experts when buying an air conditioner is to buy a high-quality unit so it will last longer. There’s no doubt that this advice rings true because air conditioners only get better as years go by so long as it undergoes regular maintenance. However, you can’t deny there will come a time when your air conditioning system will show signs of inefficiency. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a good unit, but because you’ve owned it for more than a decade, it’s normal for the system to fail.

What should be the ideal lifespan of your air conditioner?

Two decades ago, air conditioning units were not as popular as today. It wasn’t considered a commodity, but as society and technology have advanced, it’s now part of almost every home. Being fundamental to your home, it’s important that you know how to choose the type of unit that will provide comfort for the whole family.

That said, the air conditioning system should not be treated as a luxury but a necessity. Some use it sparingly, while others, not realizing the vital role it plays, will abuse it.

So given that you take good care of your air conditioner, how long should it last?

There are many elements that should be taken into account when determining the longevity of your air conditioning system. One of these factors is your usage; the more you use your system, the more it can withstand wear and tear. Heavy usage won’t pose a threat to your cooling system unless it lacks maintenance.

If you want to ensure peak performance, it’s necessary for homeowners to consider professional system maintenance on a regular basis. You can lengthen the life of your air conditioning system if you consider regular maintenance as well as comprehensive maintenance, which involves visual inspection of the key components of your unit.

You can’t expect your air conditioning system to reach its expected lifespan if it doesn’t receive appropriate service. On average, central air conditioning systems can last 12 to 17 years. If you have recently installed an air conditioning system, it will take a decade before you should consider an upgrade. Monitor the performance of your unit if you suspect that it is showing signs of a system failure such as making noise, not producing cool air as it should, or causing your energy bills to increase.

There are plenty of problems that your unit may face. Take the usage pattern of your unit into consideration. If those cycles are either short or long, you can compromise components of your system. You can choose to repair or replace the system depending on the problem. A breakdown in your air conditioning unit should not be a cause for concern if the unit has been serving you for decades. Take it as a good opportunity to upgrade. If the comfort of your family is a number one concern, buying a new unit is the right thing to do.

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