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Cost of Air Conditioning Installation

Cost of Air Conditioning Installation

The cost of air conditioning installation depends on a number of factors. It is difficult to tell the exact cost of installation without considering factors such as efficiently, AC model, design, and duct among other factors.

Every home needs a good air conditioning system. You don’t have to wait until summer sets in before you start thinking of repairing or installing an AC unit.

Most customers will call asking how much it costs to install an air conditioner. As much as the supplier or manufacturer would love to answer that question, it is not possible to provide a definite answer.

It’s like going to a car yard and asking how much does a car cost? The dealer or attendant will be a bit hesitant to answer the question, not because he doesn’t want but because you are not giving enough information about what you want.

The same thing applies to the cost of air conditioner installation. There are a lot of things that go into deciding the cost of AC installation. For example, you will have to look at the model, efficiency, size among other factors.

Below are some of the factors that determine the cost of air conditioning installation:

1. Pre-installation evaluation

The first step in air conditioner installation is an evaluation. An HVAC company will have to conduct an evaluation at your home to determine how much heat is gained during the day. This will help them to recommend the best air conditioner for your home.

Most companies will charge for this evaluation, although it is included in the total installation cost of the HVAC unit.

2. Design and ductwork

The next step is to check what is crucial for your air conditioner to operate. One of the things that your contractor focuses on is the ductwork. This is to ensure that it is able to manage central air.

It might be that your current ducts don’t have the ability to handle the airflow of a modern AC unit. this is especially true in older homes.

Besides, some homes may not have adequate room for an air conditioner coil. Upgrading to accommodate a modern system will definitely adjust the price upwards.

Luckily, most Central Florida homes were designed with central air in mind.

3. HVAC Unit

After the first two steps, the next one is choosing the right HVAC system. There are three types of units you can choose from, depending on the structure and size of your home.

They include the packaged central air system, the split air conditioner, and heat pumps. Each of these AC units varies in terms of price. The price of the unit is usually determined by its size.

It is also important to understand that AC units with higher SEER ratings are expensive and can waste a lot of energy if not installed correctly.

4. Installation and labor

Installation is generally the final step. The cost of installing an AC unit depends on the location and size of the company.

Statistics show that close to half of all HVAC units are not installed properly. This reduces their efficiency by up to 30%. It is therefore important to consider carefully a contractor before hiring them to install your air conditioner.

If you are looking to install a new HVAC system in Central Florida, contact us by phone or through our Request Service form for an inspection and a quote. We offer free estimates and second opinions!

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