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AC Preventive Maintenance Checklist to Avoid Summer Emergencies

As the months go by and the temperature starts to rise, you may be looking forward to many fun outdoor activities. The best part about those activities though is being able to go home to relax in cool air conditioning.

To ensure that you’re able to do so, the AC has to be in good working order. The best way to achieve this is by doing periodic AC preventive maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

Keep reading for tips on keeping your AC blowing cold all summer long

Inspection at Least Once a Year

Having a professional technician inspect your AC unit at least every spring, is crucial to spotting significant problems before they happen. A few things that the HVAC tech should be doing include:

  • Check the amount of refrigerant and for leaks
  • Measure the airflow
  • Verify accuracy of the thermostat
  • Ensure belts are in good condition and at proper tightness
  • Examine air ducts for leaks

The technician will do a few other things and should give your AC a clean bill of health. If he finds something in need of repair, fixing it now will be far easier than replacing it later.

Replacing Filters

Air filters should be replaced every 90 days for an average home. This frequency increases when pets are added to the mix and decreases for a vacation home.

For homes with multiple pets or for people with allergies, replacement should occur about once a month.

The reason for this is to prevent dust from clogging your ducts and raising energy bills. When you go to change the filter, if it seems like it’s not dirty, check to make sure it fits properly, is right-side up, and consider using a higher-quality filter.

Removing Debris

Removing debris from around the unit is a pretty simple chore. Things like twigs, pollen, leaves, and dirt can wind up on the top, reducing airflow and making your AC work harder than it needs.

To solve this, all you need to do is use a hose to spray off anything on top, being careful not to bend any of the metal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you’re mowing the lawn, make sure grass clippings aren’t falling directly into the unit.

AC Preventive Maintenance Memberships

There are tons of other things you can technically do yourself to be sure your air is nice and cool this summer. However, outside of replacing the filters and removing debris, having an HVAC tech come out will make things far easier.

Many companies offer maintenance programs that will inspect your unit and do any of the necessary repairs for a flat cost. Through research and word of mouth, finding a reputable and affordable company isn’t too difficult.

In case you decide to perform the maintenance yourself, always make sure that the unit is off to avoid being electrocuted. If you find yourself needing more resources on AC preventive maintenance, check us out!

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