5 Air Conditioner Parts That Need TLC
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5 Air Conditioner Parts That Need TLC

When you’re living in a place that needs a constant flow of cool air because of the sweltering heat, ensuring that your air conditioning unit is in working condition is a must. These days, an air conditioner is no longer a want but a need. When it breaks down during summer months, you and your family members have to endure the weather.

Regular maintenance shouldn’t take a backseat because it keeps your unit in great condition. It also prevents untimely replacement, which is common in unmaintained units. Here are the essential parts of your air conditioner that need regular attention:

1. Outside Fan

Improper maintenance affects the efficiency of your fan. The outside fan is responsible for transferring heat from your unit to your home’s exterior. When it no longer functions properly, the problem will lead to overheating. Your compressor’s performance will also be affected.

Regular maintenance and cleaning are important to keep the fan in tip-top shape. It will continue to run its best when you make it a habit to hire a company to maintain your air conditioning unit regularly.

2. Filters

If your unit is no longer blowing out cool air, it means that its filters might be full of dirt and dust. When particles clog your filter, the cool air will have difficulty penetrating into your evaporator coil. As a result, your aircon will not cool enough. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced once every month.

When cleaning re-usable filters, be sure to add detergent into the water to get the best results. Hiring an aircon technician to do a maintenance call will also ensure that everything, including your filters, is working perfectly. A technician can advise you about filter replacement schedules that fit your needs.

3. Condenser

When there’s moisture in your aircon, a corrosive substance may form once the moisture reacts with the oil of the compressor. This can lead to damaging the condenser and other essential parts of your air conditioning unit. Only a professional aircon technician can fix this problem.

Don’t attempt to troubleshoot the problem yourself as you might do more harm than good. If there are signs that your condenser needs to be replaced, the technician will inform you about it. More often than not, cleaning the condenser with a chemical-based solution will remove the corrosive acids from your aircon.

4. Drain pipes

When your drainage system is clogged, your aircon won’t produce sufficient cooling. This happens when the drain channels are clogged with dust particles. When there’s excessive moisture in your room, the efficiency of your aircon will also be affected. Consider hiring an aircon technician to remove clogs from your drain tubes. You can also clean the drain channels yourself using a copper wire.

5. Evaporator Coil

Grime and dust are the enemies of your air conditioner. Cleaning your coils with the vacuum cleaner will get rid of dirt build up. When cleaning the coils, be sure to include the aluminum fins as well. Use a soft brush when cleaning the fins to avoid bending them.

Extend the life of your air conditioning unit by regularly maintaining these parts. Not only will you save money on repair or replacement, but also ensure your aircon continues to produce cool air.